Wall Decorations, the ACT, Evaluations, and Common Core

I met with a colleague for about an hour discussing some literature that we commonly teach, and I think we have some good ideas for a couple common assessments. I also scheduled another session with one other teacher for this weekend.

There is no professional development like meaningful collaboration time with another teacher. I get more out of it than any staff meeting, all-district training, or conference. The free flow of ideas, the new points of view, and the discovery as a tandem or team truly allows me to grow and to better my practice.

Once this discussion ended I started setting up my bulletin boards and completed a couple. Institutional cream just doesn’t inspire me and seems to dull the senses of my students. If I am going to spend 8-12 hours at a stretch in my classroom, I need some color and something to keep me comfortable without being put to sleep.

I spent about an hour reading education articles, and these were my favorites:

  • If you have not been the last few posts from here regarding the feds’ short-sighted mandates, then you’re missing an important series of conversations.
  • Washington State is #1 in SAT scores, but this report indicates that nationwide ACT scores could be a canary in a coal mine.
  • If you want to know what I’ve been discussing with my district (about how alarmed I am about the new tests aligned with Common Core standards), this article writer explains it better than I did.

2 thoughts on “Wall Decorations, the ACT, Evaluations, and Common Core

  1. Martha

    What are your wall decorations? I am doing a display of picture books I have collected over the years to show my students another tangent of the “short story” ….

    1. drpezz Post author

      I tend to try and include a few things each year that help make the room interesting to students and help students navigate the courses they take. Some of these items are:

      a bulletin board that includes something to encourage reading good books,
      a center for classroom supplies which students can use whenever they wish,
      a bulletin board that allows students to know me better,
      posters that help students know the class routines (such as what to do when absent),
      student work examples from the previous year,
      senior pictures from the previous year, and
      goal charts.


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