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Open House

Tonight was Open House, and all went quite well.

Personally, I’m not really a big fan of the perfunctory process of the Open House song and dance. However, I also recognize that it’s not about me (perish the thought) but is really a PR moment for me and my school.

Parents really seem to want to see me, to hear me, and to see the environment in which their kids will be for the next 9-10 months. It’s a first impression that I get to make for the parents prior to the students getting to the stumbling blocks and prior to the first grading period. Then, it’s time for conferences.

My students’ parents usually comment on my happy wall filled photos of students past and the display walls of numerous projects hung around the room. They like seeing which kids have enjoyed my classes and company in the past as well as seeing the artwork, poetry, and prose the students will produce. It’s an introduction to the world I create for their children.

Tonight’s presentations for the parents were quick but full of important information, and I hope I made a good impression even if I didn’t wear a tie this year. 🙂

Dress Code?

A while ago an administrator approached me, since I am on the union Exec. Board, about whether or not a teacher dress code is warranted. I simply said “no” and would not really entertain the notion knowing that the teachers would not wish to engage in this discussion and would not work to include one in the contract.

However, I must admit it’s an issue I’ve mulled over a time or two. I used to be more of a jeans and polo shirt man but now tend to wear sweaters or shirts and ties (like the ones in the picture) and khakis.

If teachers wish to be seen as and paid as professionals, do teachers need to dress the part?

Where is the line between professional and unprofessional attire?

What is appropriate attire for content areas or departments around the building? Continue reading