Standards-Based Grading or Other?

While  a few of my colleagues have moved to standards-based grading, I have refrained from fully moving in that direction. For one, I am not convinced we have decided on our final grade-level standards, and, for two, I am not convinced it’s the best way to go. Yes, I am not on the cusp of educational research, but no one has shown me our chosen Power Standards are all-encompassing and fully implemented.

Right now, I use GPA scoring where a 4.0 is a perfect score, a 3.0 is a B, a 2.0 is a C, and so on.

I like it.

All scores in a category are equal and all of the assignments lend equal weight. Plus, an initial poor score does not doom a student. For example, in a typical system a 100% and a 0% (a missing assignment) equals s 50% (F).  In my system, the same 100% and a 0% is a 2.0 (C). After 10 assignments, both systems equal the same grade, but in the short term my system is less disastrous for a student.

I use a system very similar to Princeton’s GPA system. Let me know what you think.

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