First Meeting of the Year

The first meeting of the year is in the books, and we actually finished early. Amazing to think that I can’t even recall the last meeting that ended before the scheduled finish time. Nothing of work importance occurred; we simply had a meet and greet of sorts to introduce the school leaders to one another.

In the past I have said “I hope that when I die I hope it happens during a staff meeting, so the transition from life to death is so gradual.” However, this didn’t apply. Maybe it’s a good sign for future meetings.

Later in the day yesterday, a few of us got together to have a BBQ and discuss school planning and some collaboration ideas. Food is an excellent incentive, and the BBQ kept everything informal. Really, we just brainstormed ideas for how to start the year, how to collaborate in our grade level teams, and how to incorporate more types of literature into our units.

This food-for-thought session will help me get some curriculum mapping done and gave me a few ideas to research prior to school starting. More to come on this later.

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