Scan-Trons No More

Say good-bye to your Scan-Tron forms. That expense could go away forever. Welcome to GradeCam!

My school is trying out GradeCam and I love it. I use multiple choice exams from time to time, and I really like creating test questions that mimic the state test, and this program is a dream.

Not only does it score tests quickly, but also it creates all kinds of reports which are really helpful. Besides being able to look at overall averages, you can see an item analysis, a class item analysis, and more.

One aspect of GradeCam that I like as well is that students can immediately see their scores, and they can see which questions they missed and immediately go back to their desks and figure out the correct answers. If you are using formative assessments in the classroom, this could be helpful.

Give it a look. You just might like it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Scan-Trons No More

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