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Reading in the Contemporary World

Two of my favorite teachers, both journalism instructors, are admittedly not the typical readers. One reads only non-fiction books, newspaper and magazine articles, and online list serves while the other contends he’s “not the typical English teacher” because he only reads online articles, list serves, and blogs. Even though they both do not read the normal English teacher fare, they are both phenomenal English and journalism teachers.

How important is the reading of novels or other compositions of significant length? Must traditional readings be a part of the canon? I would say “very important” to the former and “yes” to the latter, but I am changing the way I use them. Continue reading

TV Mania

On the radio as I drove through heavy snows last night, the following statistic was presented:

The #1 day for TV sales in the United States is the day after Thanksgiving, and the #2 day is the day before the Super Bowl.

My first thought was “I could use a new TV, too.”

My second thought was, “I wonder if the #1 day for TV returns is the day after the Super Bowl.”

Embracing my Inner Geek

I love Netflix! The flexibility of the system and the variety available allows me to explore new releases and older programs I missed the first time around.

Right now, I am having a fabulously wonderful time watching the 90s sci-fi television series Babylon 5. The characters are fully fleshed-out, the plots intricate and allegorical, and the visions rough and dark. It’s the type of series a true science fiction lover yearns to see again.

Previously, I watched the entire Farscape series, another fun sci-fi program of the past. If you enjoy fun-loving, free-wheeling, fantastic plots, give it a try.