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Chad Johnson and Students

Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals (Ocho Cinco to his friends) on the ESPN show Pardon the Interruption said he could beat Michael Phelps in a swimming match. Johnson mentioned that many inner-city youths do not receive the opportunities to escape their neighborhoods to show off their talents (very true), and he followed this statement by saying—completely straight-faced and without a hint of humor—that he was a three time swimming champion in his neighborhood and could defeat Phelps in the pool. Continue reading

Loss of Innocence

My wife and I attended a hockey game in Tacoma featuring the now non-existent Sabre Cats, and a little boy of about 3 or 4 years old cheered the entire game for the Sabre Cats. He had a little jersey on and waved his pennant the whole game. He also had the cutest little, high-pitched voice.

“Go Sabre Cats, go!” Actually, because he was still learning to talk it sounded like “Sabo Cats!” Normally, this isn’t too extraordinary until I explain that he was the only one still cheering. The score was 7 – 0, and the Sabre Cats were not winning. Still, that little boy cheered the entire game. Continue reading

Sports Give Me Hope Sometimes

I’m biased on this one since the Good Samaritans upon whom this article centers are from my alma mater, but this is one of those stories that makes me feel wonderful about how athletics transcend competition and actually represent the best in people.

In a dream-come-true scenario, a senior Western Oregon batter named Sara Tucholsky hit her first home run. Then, a nightmarish situation arose when she suffered a catastrophic knee injury near first base. If her own teammates were to touch her, she would be called out, and if she was replaced the batter would have had to remain at first base according to the umpires at the game. Instead, two Central Washington University players, one of whom is an all-star player, scooped her up and helped her tag the remaining bases en route to a 4-2 Western Oregon playoff-deciding victory. That’s honor and sportsmanship!

Best Time of His Life

Through the neon haze he sits alone at the end of the bar snacking on pretzels and nursing a light beer. Everyone knows his name, though no one sits with him. He watches the game, the bartender, the guys playing pool, the college girls who ignore him, and then he orders another beer.

The girls remind him of his dance with Darla Pinkerton, his date at the prom. His eyes twinkle when he reminisces to the bartender: “Darla Pinkerton was a looker in those days, you know, before she had those kids and got married to that idiot. Look at what she coulda had.” He chuckles and takes another sip. Continue reading

Beautiful In So Many Ways

Everyone deserves a dance. And, everyone deserves a chance to dance. This story is one of those which reinforces why I love working with educators and why I have faith in our youth. Students, alongside teachers and parents, made an often overlooked group of young people feel as lucky as the Prom King and Queen. These are lessons that just can’t be taught.

At a dance for special education students:

[T]hey gathered in a circle to dance…Teachers, art students and parents joined students with Down syndrome, children in wheelchairs and students with severe vision, cognitive, physical and social handicaps.

Read the full story here.