Away at a Conference

I’m heading out of town for a conference, and I’m again amazed at how much time it takes to plan for absences. I will miss the last two days of school this week, and I finished my sub plans today and set up everything for my sub. This took over two hours!

Unless I provide a video and just let my kids be lazy for the two days, I have to put thought into the lessons that can be completed independently or lessons that my sub can implement (and that do not require any content expertise). This is a time consuming process. I rarely show films in their entirety, generally relying only on short clips that illustrate an idea or concept so this was a non-starter for me.

This is one of those duties which non-teachers do not understand. Planning for time away is not just handing a video to a glorified babysitter; it’s typing out instructions that can be enacted by an amateur where the lessons require little to no adaptation on the spot. The lesson has to be simple enough for the sub but complex enough to maintain student engagement.

Whew! Thank goodness that’s finished.

While I’m gone, I would like to recommend three blogs I enjoy reading. They are:

These are three (of a number of blogs I enjoy) which include regular, thoughtful posts on education issues. Enjoy!

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