Busy Sunday

Weekends are rarely open for straight relaxation, but I did manage to take yesterday off. I’ve been fighting off a sore throat and a minor cold, so I decided to enjoy some quiet time with the DVR and caught up on a couple shows I enjoy.

However, Sunday is another day.

I have already set up my calendar for the week, and now I need to head to the school and get some work done. I’m guessing I have about 4-5 hours of work to do, but I will listen to music and force myself to take a break every hour (when I normally check on my fantasy football team).

The only thing I really dread about today is getting through the 120 assessments my Sophomores completed. I do not enjoy assessing them, but I need to have them ready so I can share my results with the other Sophomore English teachers.

We look at our own classes and then look at the 10th graders as an entire group, which then allows us to discuss what we each do and what else we can do to help the students improve. This part I love! I enjoy the back and forth discussion about approaches, strategies, and working with groups of kids.

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