Great Day After School

No, it wasn’t the meeting I attended that made my day. No, it wasn’t the excellent day I had today teaching. No, it wasn’t the new teacher who showed me a fantastic set of rubrics she created for a unit she’s teaching. It was dinner.

As I was eating some pizza and reading a book in a booth, one of my former students–now in his 20s and an ambulance mechanic–brought over his six year-old son to meet me. He wanted to show his son, who had his first day of kindergarten today, his teacher from high school. I chatted with his son for about five minutes and heard about his day painting and playing with hula hoops and holding a gerbil and a stick bug and having lunch with his dad in the cafeteria. It was adorable, especially with his inability to pronounce the letter ‘r’ in his words.

His dad then told him it was time to go, and he told his little boy, “If you’re lucky, you’ll get to be in Doc’s class someday.” Warmed my heart and (almost) ended a fabulous day.

I say ‘almost’ because two other former students caught me as I was leaving to tell me how their college classes were going and how well they’re doing. What a super end to an already good day. 🙂

P.S. If you want one more article about why I’m not a fan of the way standardized tests are used, read this article.

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