Sunday Working at the School

I try to separate my work life from my home life, and most often this means not bringing work home. However, I violated my own rule today to save myself a trip.

Before watching football on TV I spent about 90 minutes updating my calendar and creating a couple lessons for my students. Because I did not want to drive to the school and possibly miss the first kickoff of the day, I brought my computer home to do this work. No guilt today though since it worked, and I got see the games in their entirety.

But, I did have to go to the school to read and assess my students’ initial reading/writing assessments. 140 students, each with two assessments, means I feel absolutely swamped by the work. I did not quite finish them and have one more class to complete. I’m going to work early to get it done.

Besides, I get my best work done in the morning and love the early mornings at the school when it’s just me and the custodians. No one interrupts my thoughts, and there are no students or colleagues needing help. I love helping other people, but sometimes I just need to get my own work done.

Still, it’s a bit sad that three hours on a Sunday only allowed me to complete 80% of the assessments, but that’s part of the job of teaching. Endless paperwork seems to be the norm, especially in this age or standardized tests and assessment-happy administrators.

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