The First Day of School is in the Books!

Today was a great day! The kids entered my room and were enthusiastic, excited, and energized. Each class accomplished the goals of the day, and I left the school feeling invigorated to do it again tomorrow.

I polled my classes anonymously to find out why they chose the particular class in which they enrolled with me, and I was happy with the answers. Since each class I teach is a choice for students, I’m always curious to see the kids’ reasons for being there. For my advanced students the top three reasons for taking upper level work are:

  1. Teacher preference,
  2. For the challenge, and
  3. Interest in the subject.

For my non-accelerated students, the top responses were:

  1. Counselor placed me here,
  2. Sounded easy, and
  3. Interest in the subject.

I was pleased to see that students in both levels had a few responses indicating subject interest, although these responses were very few in comparison to the top two answers. I also appreciated seeing the challenge response being so prominent in the advanced courses. The students seem to be understanding that challenges are not to be avoided but embraced.

We also completed the activity I posted two days ago, and it was a hit. One class went a bit long because of so many questions, but they were very curious about the class and me. Fun times and the kids got to dictate the conversation while also staying on-task!

Let’s hope tomorrow is as good of a day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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