The Homework Question

We had another day of professional development…blah, blah, not very interesting.

However, I did read an article tonight about homework, which relates to a conversation a group of us had at lunch today. The questions we seemed to be trying to answer were:

  • How much homework should be given?
  • What should homework be?
  • Do some teachers not give homework, so they don’t have to grade it?

While no definitive answer arose to solve these questions, I did pause to reflect on my own use of homework, and, really, I mainly give reading as homework as well as a limited amount of editing writing. Other than that, most of the work for my classes is done in class.

I tend to like being with the kids as they process skills and knowledge and prefer homework to be reading that would take too much class time to complete or to be editing something created in class. Often kids just want some affirmations to keep them moving forward, and I can provide that; others prefer a little course-correcting while they work, and I can help with that too. I lose all control over the processes once the students exit my room, so I tend to try and be as hands-on as they allow me in class.

What are your homework tendencies?

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