Daily Log and the Drama Diva

Hours in meetings today: two and a half

Hours in my room doing paperwork: two

Sentences spoken by the Drama Diva: three

As I entered my school today to work in my classroom, out of the main doors came the Drama Diva. No matter the day, she has a problem, a disaster, a concern, a reason for sadness. No sunny skies, no happy smiles, no “hello” or “How are you?”, no good news, no optimism.

Everything in her life seems to center on some bit of drama.

Anyway, I smiled and said “hello” and her reply was a three-sentence string of three different things that had already gone wrong. I hurried inside in case she wanted to begin a conversation, which really means telling me a story surrounding each of the problems. I have, without hyperbole, become embroiled in one-sided dialogues with the Drama Diva lasting over ten minutes a pop where I say nothing and only nod. These are brutal moments in my day.

I’m guessing everyone has their own Drama Diva, and I try to avoid ours like a contagious disease. I’m sure someone else in the building is Susie Sunshine to counterbalance the Drama Diva’s negativity, but I have yet to find her mirror (though I have not looked through the looking glass); the universe is full of symmetry and one day I will discover DD’s Bizarro version.

3 thoughts on “Daily Log and the Drama Diva

  1. Clickety Keys (@clix)

    I find it a lot easier to be sunshiney when I frame “problems” as “opportunities to challenge myself!” Yeah, it’s a bit of an eyeroller, but it helps me keep a postiive attitude. And it gets a chuckle when I suggest it to someone who’s frustrated about paperwork or curriculum changes or something like that. (When problems are truly life-changing and/or personal, like “my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer,” yeah… I don’t use it then!)

    1. drpezz Post author

      I’m a bit of a problem-solver. If I see an obstacle, I want to overcome it. My analytical nature takes over, and I work to fix the issue. This keeps me from getting into a funk most of the time.

      The Drama Diva may not have seen sunshine in a long time, but I think it’s an attention-getting practice and I try not to feed the behavior.

      1. Clickety Keys (@clix)

        I know exactly what you mean! I get the most stressed and frustrated when I’m faced with a situation that I feel I *ought* to be able to do something about, and either I can’t (which is bad) or I don’t know enough about the situation to know what can be done about it (which is worse).

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