Summer Work

Well, are you enjoying the summers off where you do nothing but travel the world with your cadillac salary and benefits plan? Yes, yes, I know. You don’t have this, and you have work to do, but the perception is out there that teachers do nothing but wait until class starts to start thinking about teaching again. However, my summer remains full.

I have purged my files of old, unneeded files.

I rearranged the department office.

I attended a conference.

I have prepared my online resources for next year.

I set up a mentoring system for our department’s new teachers.

I have already had two sit-downs with teachers who are teaching new classes this year.

And now, my next task is to update my unit lessons list. What I do is keep a record of each unit I teach, and I record a list of every lesson I’ve used within that unit. I review each year’s calendar and update the lessons I have added to each unit.

This allows me to keep a log of what worked and what did not as well as maintain a list of possible lessons for the next year. When I’m running short (or long) of time time, I can refer to my list and see what I can do that will be an enrichment activity, a quick and dirty lesson (getting right to the skill without anything extra), a two- or three-day sequence of skills, and so on.

It seems like a simple thing, but it has saved my bacon a number of times. Sometimes, I just need a quick resource for ideas, and this works well for me.

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