Classroom Goals for the Year

Teachers in my district are required to set three professional growth goals each year, and I have decided on the following:

  1. To complete and pass my National Boards (results are out in November usually, so if I do not pass I will set out to do so)
  2. To have at least three different activities per period with an emphasis on physical movement
  3. To play more learning games in each class with a specific goal of at least one per week

These will take a bit of extra planning, but if I’m successful I believe the kids will enjoy their time in class and maybe even learn just a little bit. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Classroom Goals for the Year

  1. Jim Van Pelt

    For our district’s blog, I posted my new year’s resolutions:

    This year’s resolution is simple: STAY POSITIVE!

    My wife tells me that I’m a positive person already, but I think I can do better.

    •No griping
    •No whining
    •No complaining
    •Figure out how to make things work instead of bemoaning why they don’t

    I know that I’ll be a more pleasant teacher to work with if I stay away from my own pity-party. Of course, now that we’re two weeks in, my resolve has already been sorely tested several times. Sometimes the amount of obstruction, carelessness and wrong headedness by the people I work with is baffling.

  2. Molly B

    I think starting the year off with a positive attitude and some good goals is awesome! Good luck this year. Teaching is getting to be a rough job and I have a resolution to place the emphasis back on the child! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I passed my Board certification a few years back. It really did revolutionize my teaching and spurred me on to get my master’s degree. My kids’ testing results have been fantastic. Good luck and thanks for taking the time to blog for all of our benefit. Laura B-OK


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