Argumentation and the School

I may have created a monster…well, maybe 95 of them. I gave my students the assignment of choosing a school issue and then use the rhetorical triangle to organize their ideas. They loved it!

Now they want to flood the administration with their proposals, and I am proud to admit that some of them are quite good. Woe to the administrators when they get these kids flooding their mail boxes and offices.

What a great few days!

1 thought on “Argumentation and the School

  1. Mrs. Chili

    Wow! I don’t do argument until much later in the year! We’re still working on “topic, purpose, audience.” I have to tell you, though, how much I LOVE argument, though; watching them learn how to take arguments apart and to organize their own ideas (and to analyze the messages we get from advertisements and politicians). These skills are profoundly empowering.


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