Well, a school district has decided to strike. Sigh.

Right or wrong, legitimate concerns or not, I don’t foresee a groundswell of public sympathy. It could be ugly.


3 thoughts on “Strike!

  1. Anonymous

    It’s already ugly- why do you think we felt we had no other option?? We are not after public sympathy- we appreciate all the public support that has been expressed from those who are familiar with the specifics our our concerns. And it’s already ugly….. Jon

    1. drpezz Post author

      I don’t know all of the specifics, so I apologize if I offended; however, a strike in this climate will be interesting. Public support could be critical if the negotiations don’t go well.

      I wish you well, but what happens in your area will–directly or indirectly–affect the rest of the state. I really the public sides with the teachers.


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