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I walked into the copy room today, and my new principal smiled and said, “How did the day go?” My reply: “No one cried today.” (Actually, it was a great day. No one came close to tears.)


A while back I spoke with the Learning and teaching Director, and she mentioned wanting to know how the teachers in our school plan out their days. I laughed and said, “Days?! I have the whole year planned out.” She looked shocked and asked me how that’s possible, and I said with a grin, “Check out my website.”

I hurried down the hall and accessed my server and changed my links for every day to “continue watching Lord of the Rings.” (Hey, If you only talk to me once or twice a year, this is what you get.)


For the last few years we have been required to write learning targets on the board and to be able to show anyone who may walk in how my students participate actively in class. I knew my old principal would be stopping by my room, so I taught the kids how to make me look good.

When I asked a question, everyone had to raise their hands. If they know the answer they raise their left hands, and if they do not know the answer they raise their right hands.

Every time I asked a question while the principal was in the room, it looked as though I taught them perfectly. Every hand was up. She was very impressed.


A student asked me what I do in my spare time, and I replied, “Study the dictionary and read some Shakespeare.” She thought I was serious. (I’m not sure how I feel about this.)

2 thoughts on “Snark Central

  1. I Teach in Philly

    I’ve used that “right hand, left hand” trick! Finally when I got observed one students was confused as to which hand was which and – you guessed it – when I called on her she said “But I don’t know the answer!” whoop! we all laughed and everything else went beautifully.


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