Game 2: The Pyramid of Points

If you’ve ever seen the $25,000 Pyramid hosted by Dick Clark, then you get the gist of this game. (I provided pictures of the original game below my descriptions.)

Basically, I have one student face the screen and one student with his/her back to the screen. Next, I reveal the categories to the student facing the screen who must then describe what is on the screen to his/her partner without saying the category. That’s for the partner to guess.

For example, if Tommy is facing Cindy and the screen and sees “Superhero Secret Identities,” then he will start saying things like “Clark Kent” (Superman), “Bruce Wayne” (Batman), “Peter Parker” (Spiderman), etc. When Cindy figures out these are Superhero Secret Identities, then Tommy begins to describe the next category.

When all of the categories have been identified, the two players stand or raise their hands. I usually keep going as a class until most of the students have finished (no real time limit unless the kids get stuck); sometimes I allow the whole class to finish, but some of my students must be kept busy. I’m sure you have a few of these kids too. 🙂

Then we play again, but the partners switch. If I have an odd number of students, I play with a student. It’s fun for me as well.

With my high school English students my categories might be “Examples of Irony” or “Examples of Alliteration” or “Characters Who Died” or “Heroes” or something like that. However, I have sometimes played with just fun categories to get kids thinking in different ways.

Regardless, it’s a good review game and you may even find that your students like to provide categories for future use.

Below are some pictures of the original show, but I usually just type up a quick diagram or project one I’ve drawn and project onto the screen.

The first picture is of the contestants playing in front of the pyramid. The second picture is an example of the category the contestant must guess.









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