National Board Certification

I’m going to start my National Boards. Any advice?

6 thoughts on “National Board Certification

  1. Jim Van Pelt

    I hear that it’s quite a challenge to do the National Boards and your regular teaching load. Good luck on your quest.

    Unfortunately, our district has decided to defund the yearly bonus our National Board Certified teachers were guaranteed when they went for the certification, thereby removing part of the motivation for earning it.

  2. marenjohnson

    You are in Washington state, right? If so, get yourself to WEA’s Jumpstart! There’s a link in here if you haven’t already signed up:’s-the-time/

    Also, do as much as you possibly can on entry 4 this summer, and try to do as much advance planning on entries 1-3 as you can this summer as well. That will help your year go more smoothly. What certificate area are you doing?

    1. drpezz Post author

      Jump Start falls on two dates I can’t make. Grrrr.

      Numerous people have also recommended starting Entry 4 now. Must be good advice. 🙂

  3. marenjohnson

    Yikes, Jumpstart is key! Well, try to find a cohort in your area. I did Take One! without a group, and then the full portfolio with a group, and it was much easier (as well as a richer learning experience) with a group for sharing entries and videos.


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