Teaching Overseas

I’m considering/wondering about going overseas to teach. Does anyone know anything about how this works or where to look for openings?

I appreciate all the help you can render. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Teaching Overseas

  1. Emily

    eslcafe or if you’ve friends who went to international schools or are in the DoD…. they might be willing to help out.

  2. thehurt

    I would definitely recommend looking into DoDEA schools. I’m an Army brat and when we lived overseas, the schools were great. When I went to a civilian school for the first time, I was almost a full year ahead of others in my grade. And I remember my teachers very well – especially Ms. Smith, my 2nd grade teacher. 🙂

  3. Elisabeth

    Where do you want to go? China is always looking for English speaking teachers from my experience. Avoid Europe at this moment. Go East.

  4. Roger Jones

    Well, you have to start by asking yourself a lot of questions. Leaving your own culture to live/work in another is a huge step. What country would you like to live in? What is your language skill or knowledge of its culture? Do you want to save money, pay off debts, gain valuable experience? What are your qualifications & experience? What will you be leaving behind in the USA?

    I suggest starting at Dave’s ESL Cafe. Read other teachers’ comments and get an idea of what is available. Elisabeth (above) is right – China has lots of opportunities. I’ve lived there since 2006. Before I came, I spent 2 years doing internet research about working conditions, the best way to find jobs, and choosing a city to live in.

    I also found email penpals, and asked them a lot of questions about the country they lived and worked in. Read teachers’ blogs. Prepare yourself for culture shock, and realize that living in a new place will bring out not only your good qualities but your bad ones. It’s a chance to reinvent yourself, and to challenge all of your cultural assumptions.


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