For Your Consideration

I haven’t blogged much lately, and, to be honest, I haven’t been in the mood.

Here’s what my state is considering for teachers for the next biennium:

  • a 3% cut in salaries across the board,
  • the freezing of salary steps,
  • the elimination of National Boards stipends,
  • over $2 billion in cuts to education overall,
  • the elimination of salary increases for advancing education (i.e. master’s degrees),
  • larger class sizes across the boards,
  • evaluations connected to budget reductions, and
  • the legislature almost connected student attendance to individual building funding.

I updated my resume two nights ago and then spent two hours researching international schools. I’m starting to consider seriously going elsewhere to teach. All I see here is bad leadership, poor policies, and disrespect.


3 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. aphillieteacher

    Things are grim everywhere it seems.

    In our district (Philadelphia Public Schools) this means next year there will be half day instead of full day kindergarten – disastrous to poor, urban parents in terms of early education – complete elimination of all art and music programs, huge staff and faculty layoffs and possible elimination of after school sports.

    What is not being cut: administrative salaries.

  2. cheeseheadteacher

    Wisconsin districts have similar lists. My biggest concern right now is that without our bargaining rights, these things will spring when we least expect them to. My district won’t tell us what they have in the works. It’s like they want veteran teachers to leave to make room for newbies who won’t know any better.


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