Should We Be Suspicious?

Only one state west of the Mississippi was awarded Ract To The Top monies. Should be we be suspicious?

Of course, those other states won, but sold their souls. Still, it seems odd that so many states so far east “won” while the rest “lost.”

I’m glad we “lost.”


3 thoughts on “Should We Be Suspicious?

  1. Jim Van Pelt

    There’s a weirdness going on with financial incentives lately that I’m not sure how to process. The Race to the Top money took on extra importance for Colorado because the National Math and Science Institute (NMSI) has expanded its Legacy program to Colorado. The NMSI idea is that A.P. classes are really good for kids, so we need to get a lot more kids to take them. To promote that end, they will pay 1/2 of the test fee for any kid in A.P. science, math or English. If the student scores a 3 or better, the Legacy program will give the kid another $100, and will also pay the student’s teacher $100. Last year, if this program would have been in place, I would have made an extra $1,500. There are also improvement incentives. Even the principal makes money for A.P. scores.

    Sounds great, doesn’t it (if you don’t think about it too much). The bummer for the program is that they were depending on much of their funding to come from the Race to the Top money, but Colorado didn’t make the cut.

    Now, they are looking for “alternative funding.”

    Our entire staff sat through a 90-minute presentation from the Legacy folks about the program, and all I could think about was the teachers who didn’t teach A.P. math, science or English who were hearing about all this extra money the A.P. teachers would make that they wouldn’t get to see.

    1. drpezz Post author

      And, what about all of the teachers instructing the classes that lead to AP courses? Are they not somewhat responsible for the success of those students?

      I’m not a merit pay fan. I think the variables are too plentiful to point to a single person in the system and give all of the credit.


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