Principal and Teacher Evaluations

I attended the first day of the Principal and Teacher Evaluation Pilot training. Whew! Brutal! Lots of “sit and get” (sitting and being talked to).

The first two hours were introductions. Ugh.

Then we had a couple presentations and short speeches. Eh.

Lastly, we listened to three panels and asked a few questions. I actually enjoyed the panels, but I can’t say I have a far greater and clearer picture of evaluations and how they should be structured.

Sure, we received the state-mandated criteria and the four-tier rating requirements, but really I feel we have less clarity about what constitutes a “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” teacher. Everything seems to be up for interpretation, and no category really seems cut and dry about where the line will be drawn.

Here are my questions so far (that will have to be answered in my district):

  • How many categories can be labeled “unsatisfactory” (or below standard) for a teacher to be deemed “unsatisfactory”?
  • How much weight does each category receive?
  • Since data is not required  as a measure (but is required to be used to alter instruction), how much data is required and what data should be kept?
  • How is the state really going to mandate that this work be completed in a year when it took my district five years to complete?

The comment that summed up the day was this: “The mind can absorb what the seat can endure.”


One thought on “Principal and Teacher Evaluations

  1. Ryan

    Didn’t realize you were there, Doc–I would have made my way over!

    I thought the overall two days were poor. The panel sessions were the best part of day 1, but they created a lot more questions than answers for me. The team time on day 2 was the best part of the experience for my group, but it’s a shame it took us so long to get to that point.


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