Only To Begin Again

The summer is here! I love it. Time to work in the yard, to finish up minor projects in the house, and to work on the stack of books I’ve been meaning to read.

But, I’m a slave to my craft. I’m taking a class on formative assessments which begins this week, and I can’t help but think about what I want to do differently this coming school year. Also, I’m teaching a class I haven’t taught in three years, so I feel compelled to start mapping out some units.

Sick as it may sound, I love planning and creating lessons. Since I enjoy it, I don’t think of it as work and I don’t mind doing it. I especially love the research, discovering different ways to approach a topic. With kids needing multiple ways of looking at and practicing a skill, it’s satisfying finding a new illustration, a comic, a music video, and more to help my students.

I guess I’m just a workaholic.


3 thoughts on “Only To Begin Again

  1. Mrs. Chili

    Yeah, me, too. I’ve got a week long writing intensive set up for the week after next, and I’m hoping to come away from that experience with a lot of inspiration for next September’s classes!

  2. Betty

    I am also a workaholic and am unable to really do nothing. I am constantly studying and taking courses to enhance my new career as a parent educator. Someone recently asked me what I do for fun, and I guess that’s it.


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