Why We Do It

Those who don’t teach probably cannot understand why we stick with it. Unless our friends do teach, they probably never will understand. Here is a note, which I’m sure each of you receive of its kind each year, that I received. It really explains why we do what we do despite all of the problems and frustrations in our field:

There are things that a special teacher can give to a student that a parent can’t give. You made High School a better place for Jimmy. You gave him a feeling of belonging, an excellent example as a human being to follow, you stood up for Jimmy, you believed in Jimmy and so many more things that Jimmy knows that I don’t know, so many more things that you both know that I don’t know and many more things that would take too long for me to write. What I do know is that I am extremely grateful to you for making all the difference in the world in my son enjoying HS and fueling his desire to learn. You made a positive difference in his life and thus made a positive difference in my life as well. You make differences that last a lifetime and change the world. I am in awe of all that you give and accomplish…Thank you for all that you do for your students, this community and the world.

A year of frustration ends on a note of satisfaction. And this is why we do it.


3 thoughts on “Why We Do It

  1. bzinck

    That really does make it worthwhile. And for every note you do receive, there are dozens more that you don’t but are being written in a student’s head. Not many professions actually “change lives.” This one does. Congrats on the end of this school year!


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