Can I Get an “Amen!”?

I think Bill Maher can be hyperbolic and extreme at times, but I think he nailed what I perceive to be the crux of the problem in education today. Considering how the family structure and family togetherness has changed so dramatically in the last 30 years, how do we expect teachers to be parent, friend, counselor, and educator all at once? Educational success begins at home.


2 thoughts on “Can I Get an “Amen!”?

  1. Brenna

    Before I became a parent, I saw this issue as a very black-and-white one: it was all the parents’ fault. Now I see much more of the gray area. It’s everyone’s responsibility to succeed in educating students- including the student! School did not come easily to me- I had to work hard to get good grades. I also had some awful teachers while I was in school (and still do even now that I’m pursuing another master’s degree!). The key to success really is a partnership between parents and teachers with cooperation from the student. But as a parent, I recognize that it is my responsibility- my duty- to encourage, enforce, and support educational success.


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