Plagiarism & Rewrites

At lunch today a colleague mentioned that two of his students plagiarized a course requirement, and he decided to give both kids an F for the semester. This sparked quite the conversation today.

Ultimately, the group felt that failing a student for an entire class of 18 weeks for a behavior (cheating is a behavior and not a measure of skill or knowledge) is unreasonable. The colleague in question ultimately decided to have the students come in each morning for a week to retake the research essay test; since their passing or failing depends on this assignment, he would give the students no higher than a D for the class.

I could easily refer you to my past posts on how students may just not be honest people, today’s (sad state of) heroes, and my take on what to do with academic dishonesty, but I won’t. Oh wait. I guess I did. 🙂

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