Standing Up

I have to say that it takes guts to stand up and say “no!”

Five small districts in north central Washington have decided not to sign on to the state’s Race to the Trough Top application. Despite the pressure from the public, the governor, and numerous editorial writers in popular newspapers, these districts have the fortitude to declare their opinions and to avoid caving in.

Many districts are signing on for the application and then will bow out of the competition for any won dollars. It’s a political move, not a move of conviction. It’s not the most sincere effort, but it does not block the state’s application or harm the state’s application.

Still, the most honest move is being made by some of the smallest districts in the state. I find that impressive.


7 thoughts on “Standing Up

  1. Jim Van Pelt

    Hey, Doc! Not related to your post here, but I wanted to drop by to say have a great summer. We’re ending this week. My room’s packed up and I’m finalizing grades.

  2. bzinck

    I was intrigued by today’s post, but hooked after this one. I’ve now subscribed to your RSS feed. Looking forward to more posts!


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