Texas Moves Backwards

Texas prepared to change the history textbooks to create a more right leaning slant, and Texas voted for a new curriculum that “amends or waters down the teaching of the civil rights movement, religious freedoms, America’s relationship with the U.N. and hundreds of other items.”

Maybe one solution to this problem is not to buy textbooks from Texas. If history is being rewritten, don’t purchase the books. Put a financial strain on the publishers since they rely on national sales.

A second solution could be more fun: have all students who come to a college in your state be required to take remedial history at your university or college. If their education cannot be trusted, force them to be re-educated.

How fun would it be to watch the education wars begin?!

3 thoughts on “Texas Moves Backwards

  1. detestament

    That’s actually a pretty good idea. I mean, it’s strange to think that information differs so greatly between countries (especially with regard to history) but to have such discrepancies within a country? And for the country to be aware of it? It’s like undermining the entire educational system — which really demonstrates the priorities of the state of Texas.

  2. spedteach720

    I am from Texas, and all Texans do not agree with this. Unfortunately, we seem to have areas of Texas government that are dominated by a certain type of person. These people tend to be close minded and in many instances just plain bigoted. It really is a shame that Texas is being represented negatively. We are a great state with great people…

    1. drpezz Post author

      It is too bad. I just am amazed by the number of things in this country ruled by left-right politics instead of doing the right thing. The selfishness is appalling.


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