6 thoughts on “The Times They Are A Changin’

  1. S

    Having taught at both private and public schools, I see this all the time in the public school setting. However, it is MUCH worse at a private board.

  2. Anne Light

    As I near the end of my 21 years of homeschooling 4 children I have to laugh at the cartoon since my children never got anything lower than a B on any of their work. The problem is the continual promotion of children when they don’t know or understand the information given them. When children aren’t institutionalized for education they don’t have to move on until they understand and are able to articulate the information they read or are taught. Novel concept!

  3. drpezz Post author

    State laws in my state prevent teachers/administrators from holding students back without parent permission; these permissions are rare. In one respect parents make holding students truly accountable near impossible. A couple years ago, we had 220 students in our middle schools recommended for being held back and not one parent allowed it.

    Parents who have the ability to homeschool definitely have the advantage academically until the students reach a level beyond the parents’ abilities. I only wish the public in general allowed educators to make educational decisions.

    Well, that, and I’d like to have the student-teacher ration homeschool parents have. 🙂


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