Decision Time

My district is making decisions about its cuts to the budget right now. What will be considered sacrosanct?

I think we’re at a point where instructional coaches will be sent back to the classroom to fill in for retirees, but we have not reached a point where athletes will have to pay to play. We won’t lose any administrators, but we’ll lose electives. We’re going to lose some upper level courses (or put them on a rotation), but we’ll keep our expensive attendance policy processes.

Class sizes will balloon once again. Of this, I have no doubt. Fewer FTEs in the building and the student population isn’t changing. This will be ugly.

However, the ugliest thought of all is this: the stimulus money runs out this year. What happens next year?


2 thoughts on “Decision Time

  1. Jim Van Pelt

    It doesn’t get better, that’s for sure. Our district pulled up 1.8 million short this year and will be about 12 million short next year (10% or the budget). They’ve offered early retirement, which saved about 2 million for next year. The rest comes out of furlough days, changes in transportation, less athletic travel, non rehires for vacated positions, and a host of other strategies. None bode well, and none will improve what we are doing.


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