The Most Relaxed Man in Education

Bad Taste Alert:

I bet he was the chillest teacher ever. He was probably buds with everyone in school, most likely seeded his classes with happiness, and assuredly didn’t mind being blunt.

I’m guessing his students lit up every time he entered the room. He would weed out the token troublemakers and hash out appropriate discipline, but he would never have them stoned.

I bet he has a smoking car in the garage and while home would keep the local kids off his grass. I can see him dropping his bowl of brownies and blazing a trail to answer the bonging doorbell when his fatty Aunt Mary arrives. After a great visit and a small case of the munchies, he would hit the hay with a relaxed, blank expression.


In all seriousness (and I know this is a serious subject), I wonder if he will lose his license. Even a non-violent felony not related to his job can cost him his career.

2 thoughts on “The Most Relaxed Man in Education

    1. drpezz Post author

      Sounds like you had quite the adventure! I hope everything gets better and that you don’t have a re-occurrence. Maybe the kids will learn a lesson.


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