Should We Be Worried?

Here is an alarmingly eye-catching portion of an education article:

De facto segregation is alive and well in public schools in virtually every state, but is more common in charter schools – an educational option increasingly endorsed in state and national reform efforts, according to a national study released Thursday.

The trend is particularly severe for African American students, the UCLA researchers found.

Nearly 3 out of 4 black students who attend charters are in “intensely segregated” schools with student populations that are at least 90 percent minority, according to the study by the UCLA Civil Rights Project. That’s twice the rate of regular public schools.

Almost a third of those black students are in what the researchers called “apartheid schools,” where 0 to 1 percent of their classmates are white. Charter schools in the Bay Area and California have similar rates of racial isolation.

These are “the very kind of schools that decades of civil rights struggles fought to abolish in the South,” researchers said.

How do we react to this?


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