Quick Wit and Confidence

I was told a story one time by a fellow basketball coach while at a camp who spoke about motivation and self-confidence. If this story is true, it’s a great tale.

Bobby Bowden, after losing a few critical games due to poor field goal kicking, brought three high school field-goal-kicking recruits to a home game to watch Bowden’s Florida State Seminoles play a game.

Bowden walked over to the first hopeful kicker and said, “if I pull the other ten players off the field as you are about to kick off, would you be able to kick the ball through the end zone?”

The young recruit looked at Coach Bowden and said, “Yes, sir!”

Coach Bowden nodded and then sauntered over to the second excited recruit and asked the same question. Once again the response was “Yes, sir!”

Lastly, Coach Bowden slowly walked to the third aspiring recruit and once again asked if the young man before him could kick the ball through the end zone. The young man looked right at Coach Bowden and said, “I think so, Coach, but if I don’t, I’ll damn sure make that tackle.”

The third recruit became Coach Bowden’s kicker.


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