Out Of Pocket

According to a Seattle Times article, teachers spend “an average of $751 a year on classroom materials above what they are reimbursed from their districts.” Some teachers reported spending as much as $3,000 out of their own pockets for school supplies.

Wow! What else is there to say about a group of professionals who pay for supplies–supplies they should be provided–from their own bank accounts in a time of recession and frozen salaries?

I do use my own money for supplies and treats on occasion but nowhere near the $3,ooo reported in the article. I can claim maybe $500 or so; plus, my wife probably purchases the same amount, maybe a bit more. I guess when looking at the amount of money in total, it is quite a chunk of change.

How much do you spend out of pocket for students’ supplies?


One thought on “Out Of Pocket

  1. Jim Van Pelt

    I average about $60.00 a month. Most of it is for snacks that I buy for our weekly Write-a-Book-in-a-Year Club lunch meetings.

    Every year I also buy ten copies of Ken Rand’s book, The 10% Solution: Self-Editing for the Modern Writer, to give away to kids who show extra motivation for writing.

    Total expenses on the year are about $700.00 out of pocket.


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