Real World Plagiarism Examples

Here is a website with some real world instances of plagiarism and the consequences which followed. Maybe these could help when teaching kids about plagiarism.


3 thoughts on “Real World Plagiarism Examples

  1. Eric

    It would be nice to use that, but really it doesn’t look like *too* much harm came to the plagiarists with the exception of Michael Bolton. While resignation and such can be harmful to a career, it doesn’t necessarily end a career. I don’t think I would use this to show students the harm that can come to a student for plagiarism. After all, look at VP Biden…

  2. drpezz Post author

    Most of the people there did receive some light consequences; however, indirectly many lost prestige and that affected their overall popularity (and sales).

    I tend to just talk about it being academic dishonesty and a good way to lose integrity. Sometimes I mention how it’s against the law as well. 🙂

  3. candygal

    there shud be somethin much more worse than suspension in skol! child shud learn early or else they will NEVER learm!


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