Day 2: The Adventure Continues

I posted yesterday how a goal of mine is to break up every lesson into at least three sections, and today I was successful in every class. Off to a good start!

My school has now moved to an entirely online grading and attendance system, which worries me since we have no back-ups for it and we’re completely dependent upon both the grading site and our own internet system/capabilities. Well, we’re batting 1.000 so far: the system went down each of the first two days of school. This could be a scary proposition.

I fought hard for a trial run with a few teachers instead of a complete transition from our old system, but I was outvoted quite handily. Maybe it’s my meticulous side (some might say anal), but I really want to be able to back up my work and to be able to input grades without being online. Such is life, I guess.

You may remember my story a while back about the rookie teacher who started last year, and now she’s my neighbor. I affectionately call her “Rook” since she wants to be the rookie for as long as she can. Anyway, today my class was fairly active and a bit boisterous when everyone seemed to get quiet at one time, and from next door we heard someone shout “Our teacher is a wacko!” Cracked us up!


2 thoughts on “Day 2: The Adventure Continues

  1. Tamara

    Even though LAUSD has backups and what not of our online attendance system, I still enter the attendance in EZGrade Pro for my own, easy to access records. It takes an extra minute to do that.

  2. joycemocha

    Depending on your grading program, you can print out class lists and enter your grades there as a backup. I generally do, just because I’m paranoid about power outages and system glitches.


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