To Strike, Or Not To Strike

Strikes are being threatened in the northwest of my state. What do you prefer: a strike or work to rule (working your hours only)?


5 thoughts on “To Strike, Or Not To Strike

  1. Tamara

    I think this question is different depending on where you work. I work for LAUSD and frankly UTLA is sometimes very OFF. They let union leaders bully teachers and if you’re not in with the “good ole boys” it can well work against you…

    That being said, with this economy, I’m HAPPY to have a decent job and would vote to work to hours versus striking. Striking does not help the kids and that’s why we teach, right?

  2. ms_teacher

    In my district, it’s tough to get our elementary teachers to work to rule. We are currently trying to convince the elementary teachers that they should not have to grade District assessments. In the secondary level, District assessments are not graded by teachers, they are graded by the District and results are then given to teachers. So getting them to do a work to rule may not work simply because elementary teachers typically have such big hearts for the wee ones.

  3. Clix

    I can’t imagine that anyone who had difficulty with work to rule would be willing to strike!

    I find that a SHORT TERM work to rule isn’t all that bad. It can be an effective way of reminding the outside community just how much teachers REGULARLY go above and beyond what’s expected. And if you keep it brief, you really don’t lose out on all that much with the students.


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