In The Classroom

Well, I worked in my classroom for the first time today.

I was less than happy to find that my carpets were vacuumed, but nothing else was cleaned. My desk wasn’t even moved when vacuuming. I still had a paper ball under my desk right where I tossed it at another teacher before leaving for the summer. Had I known virtually nothing would have gotten done, I wouldn’t have spent those hours packing up the room.

Anyway, I arranged the furniture but now need to get things up on the walls. I’ll recreate my happy wall (photos and thank yous from students), put up bulletin boards, and make a spot for posting grades, assignments, and student work. I purchased a few borders for the butcher paper bulletin boards, so those will look sharp once I finish them.

Lastly, I need to get the books back on my shelves.

If I really work hard tomorrow, I could finish tomorrow. However, I will bet that it’ll take me a couple days.

What About Bob? is going through my mind right now: “Baby steps…baby steps…baby steps.”


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