7 Ways to Change Someone’s Mind

At the conference I attended one speaker listed seven ways to change someone’s mind. Here they are:

  1. Reason – Logic and a rational argument can sway someone.
  2. Research – Provide documented evidence, studies, and the like can prove one’s point.
  3. Resonance – Appeal to someone’s emotional side or his sense of justice.
  4. Re-description – Use different analogies or methods of presentation.
  5. Resources/Reward – Entice someone using incentives (not exactly bribery, but…).
  6. Real World Events – Locate and provide examples of success from other places.
  7. Require it – If you have the power to do so, confront and require behavior (“Do this…”).

If you can change a person’s behavior, then beliefs can change; if beliefs change, a new attitude can be formed.


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