The Typical Four Schools

Richard DuFour, at the Seattle PLC conference, described four types of schools he and his researchers have typically seen. They are as follows:

  • The Darwin School of Natural Selection: In these schools students are put into classes based on their innate gifts and are seldom moved up or down according to their successes or failures.
  • Pontius Pilate Schools: Within the walls of these schools teachers instruct and then wash their hands of the students. After all, the teachers taught/presented it and the students are now responsible for the rest.
  • Chicago Cubs Schools: At these schools a warm and fuzzy environment is created where expectations are low, but all are excited to be there.
  • Henry Higgins Schools: These schools demand high expectations for all, and the teachers will ensure that all students meet those standards no matter how much grief, consternation, sacrifice, or time it takes for the teachers.

Do any of these schools describe your school? Or, do you see these schools within your school?

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