Disaster Struck

One of my students, a kid with whom I have worked the last four years and to whom I have grown quite close, was involved in a car crash Thursday afternoon. He still hasn’t regained consciousness after a head-on collision, and the swelling in his brain is more than worrisome. This is a kid who passed 8 AP exams, is a whiz in orchestra, and is a star on the Knowledge Bowl team besides just being a great guy.

I’ve been a wreck the last two days. Since I don’t have kids of my own, some of these students become like my own. I will be sitting by the phone hoping for good news.

A neighboring teacher told me this boy “really loved you,” and I almost lost it at school. We shot baskets together, played chess in the afternoons, and talked almost every day at school. I can barely talk about it, so I’m hoping this little writing is just a wee bit cathartic. I’m just hoping he makes it through.


8 thoughts on “Disaster Struck

  1. drpezz Post author

    The student in question was upgraded from critical to serious condition. I have debated going to see him for two reasons (although talking to the parents was always a plan): 1) I didn’t want to intrude, and 2) I wanted to keep the memory of the student as he was, not he he may look now.

    I think my first reason is more of a rationalization, but my second still gives me pause.

    However, I think I’m going to go see him in a couple days. I need to think of a gift to bring for when he wakes up.


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