A Piece of History Lost

Sadly, the last survivor of the ill-fated Titanic died. One of the more melancholy feelings I get is when I think about the history lost over time. I like to think it’s the Romantic in me.


2 thoughts on “A Piece of History Lost

  1. Tom Anselm

    I heard she was 97. That means she was just born when it sunk. Wonder if her parents made it? When did she know she was part of a famous subgroup in history? Did she use it to her advantage? Did anyone know her name? Her story may be interesting, then again it may be very average.
    I come to your site from So You Want To Teach. I hope to visit frequently.
    Tom Anselm, teacher/author

  2. drpezz Post author

    According to the article, her mother and young brother survived as well, but there was no mention of a father. She learned of her connection to history when she was about 8, and she attended Titanic events the rest of her life.


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