Most Debate at WEA-RA

Of all of the issues that the teachers debated, the one which elicited the most contention and passion did not deal with funding, certification, politicians, or mandates; it was a resolution (belief statement) stating that people should be thoughtful about the ideas and forms of marriage. Of course, this sparked debate of religious, political, social, and personal natures. Ultimately, a closed door count was required and resulted in the resolution’s passage.

While I am for marriage equality, I’m not sure I like these types of resolutions at RA. To me, it’s an improper venue with more pressing and immediate matters because marriage equality is being debated elsewhere. These types of resolutions (abortion, peace, marriage, etc.) are divisive and take us away from out purpose: to advocate for education and educators in the workplace.

In my area, even the mentioning of marriage equality is perceived–no matter how falsely–as a tacit approval of it, and my members point to these very issues as reasons not to be involved in union work and especially not the PAC.

On a personal level, I’m still conflicted by the vote and my vote (“for”). When I had to make my decision, I decided my conscience would be more at ease voting my personal beliefs, and the resolution did not specifically advocate a position but asked for thoughtful discussion without taking a side. I’m still feeling a bit hypocritical, but more at ease overall than if I had voted against the resolution.

1 thought on “Most Debate at WEA-RA

  1. ms_teacher

    This is one of the issues I have with CTA & NEA. I strongly feel that part of the reason for public backlash is the support these organizations provide for such controversial issues.


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