Jay Inslee Speaks

Jay Inslee spoke today at the WEA-RA today. He focused on three primary goals of his as he works with officials in D.C. to assist educators and education. He stated these as his focuses:

  • a tax rollback to “pre-Bush” levels where the tax rate rises for those whose incomes exceed $250,000 (used to fund education),
  • a reconfiguration of NCLB but not a reduction in “effort or progress,” and
  • a focus on higher level thinking (not rote) including a change in the testing culture.

He further stated that the new studies floating around D.C. and the new Presidential administration and Inslee’s personal beliefs reveal the following:

  • social interaction is a key to learning (not sitting in front of a screen),
  • a focus on different styles of learning boosts achievement,
  • an expansion of debt-relief programs for new teachers allows more teachers to enter and remain in the profession, and
  • mentors for new teachers make for better teachers.

He energized the crowd and received some boisterous applause as he left the stage. Maybe he should run for governor.


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