Who Is My Party?

Neither side of the aisle in Washington State really seems to be helping me? To whom do I turn?


3 thoughts on “Who Is My Party?

  1. Ryan

    I hear ya, brother. The best conversations I’ve had on education lately are with Representatives who swing so far to the right they’d make Ellen Craswell go “Damn!”, and that’s a state of cognitive dissonance that I can’t quite get past.

  2. Gym334

    Turn to teachers, and ask them to get together in one group that wants (demands even) less help from the top of the pyramid, and more freedom to do a great job for kids.

  3. drpezz Post author

    I would love to turn to my fellow teachers. I hope the recent downturn in my state means the malaise regarding the union’s work dissipates and more involvement begins.


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