Silence vs. Truth

My school’s Diversity Club sponsired a Day of Silence for “all people whose voice is lost because of” discrimination, bullying, and bias. This was on Friday.

On Monday, we had what is titled as a Day of Truth, which is a response to a Day of Silence. The Day of Truth attempts”to counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda and express an opposing viewpoint from a Christian perspective.”

I find this interesting since our Diversity Club does not use Day of Silence as a strictly GLBT day, but as a day to illustrate how voices of all beliefs and lifestyles are silenced. However, local churches attempted to create an “honest” conversation about homosexuality. This obviously implies that the Day of Silence is dishonest about its anti-discrimination stance and its anti-bullying stance.

The tally is as follows: Day of Silence had over 100 t-shirts worn and 1,000 stickers worn. Day of Truth had 10-12 t-shirts worn and 20-30 stickers worn.

Tolerance and acceptance wins.  I’m not necessarily a line in the sand guy, but this was an obvious victory for inclusion versus exclusion and acceptance versus exclusion.


4 thoughts on “Silence vs. Truth

  1. Mrs. Chili

    I’ve been keenly aware of this sort of thing lately; in this month alone, two ELEVEN YEAR OLDS (yes, ELEVEN) have committed suicide, ostensibly in response to homophobic bullying. Anyone who says “this isn’t a problem” or “this doesn’t happen in OUR schools” is kidding themselves.

  2. John Spencer

    We had a day last year called Social Silence, where students on our team were silent. We covered the issues of bullying, discrimination, sexism, racism – all of us, in all of our classes. It was powerful to teach with silence.

  3. mz.w

    Ya know, it’s interesting to me that The Day Of Truth people focus on homosexuality as a sin, rather than the truth that is Christianity, of Jesus Christ being the Son of God and loving everybody enough to die for everybody and all…seems like they’re missing the point.
    Not to mention your school site’s Day of Silence didn’t even focus on homosexuality exclusively…
    I like the Social Silence concept.

  4. drpezz Post author

    Yeah, this really saddened me. The Day of Truth seemed like an excuse to bring scripture into the classroom and to single out a group of people. I think this type of behavior, ironically enough, is part of the reason why people become somewhat militant about keeping such a strict division between church and state.


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