To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

Do you use Twitter? Princeton professors do, and they frequently chat with students using it. And they’re encouraged to do so without restraint.

What is their policy, you say? Read for yourself here:

“Professors should be constrained as little as possible,” Center for Information Technology Policy associate director David Robinson ’04 said.

“Obviously, if professors want to use Twitter or blogging or Morse code, the university should be totally fine with that,” he said. “Even the staff who speak for the university as a whole should have room to experiment.”

“Eventually, norms will emerge, but for now, it has evolved naturally, and we don’t need a policy.”

Some use Twitter to share links for learning or just to keep people informed about their lives. Its uses are growing and becoming more popular everywhere. I even saw politicians using this medium to comment on speeches…as they were given.

Social networking is gaining ground!

1 thought on “To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

  1. Betty

    I can’t figure out how to use Twitter. I joined and receive emails telling me that people are following me. How funny is that? When I click on the link, I can’t figure out how to follow them. I’m not sure how to connect with other teachers on Twitter. Maybe I need some sort of tutorial.:)


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